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Agriculture across the world has many reasons to control humidity. The main application where controlled humidity has to be achieved is in the storage of food produce in arable farming and the welfare of animals for livestock.


Storage of large amounts of food stuffs on farms during harvest is essential, this can be in the form of wheat, rice, corn, potatoes and many other types of grown produce.

During harvest, weather conditions cannot be predicted, so rain may occur in the middle of this period. This gives the problem of grains and other produce being stored damp, causing heat and therefore potentially fire and moulds which will devalue the produce as it deteriorates. 

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Desiccant Dryair install ducting delivery systems to allow dry air from our desiccant dehumidifiers to be blown into the middle of the product at high pressure and filter through to the barn/silo picking up moisture on its way through the product. The systems are normally recirculation depending on dust levels. This will lower the humidity and also prevent heat build-up.

Desiccant Dryair supply in many cases a dehumidifier that uses heat pump technology that regenerates the desiccant wheel at 75ºC.  Although the units are not ATEX approved, we still manufacture to the guidelines of ATEX due to product dusts being present and the potential for explosion.  Filtration is normally quite high on these units.


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Seeds storage


Seed manufacturers produce seeds in high volume that offer the client (farmer) the best product for durability and highest yields of produce. These seeds have to be produced years in advance and as such need to be stored for long periods but preventing germination taking place. Often in dark rooms where the controlled humidity and temperature are vital.


Desiccant Dryair have installed dehumidifiers from our standard and bespoke range of Dryair dehumidifiers, with the correct controls, will deliver the correct humidity and temperature range. Desiccant Dryair offer the MTHCU, these are special machines offered in our standard range, the self-contained medium temperature, and humidity control unit will automatically control the space being served.

PLC controlled with remote accessibility with cooling, heating, dehumidifying and humidifying all in one package.  Simply install the electrical supply, a water supply for the humidifier and achieve the controlled environment.

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Farmers have considerable issues with the welfare of animals within their care. It is in their interests to maintain high standard living conditions for their livestock as this will increase the yield in weight gain if the animal is for meat or in productivity if the animal is providing produce like Milk and Eggs.


Many farmers have serious issues with the temperature and humidity when dealing with cattle, pigs or poultry.

Farming has become very intensive so as to produce maximum yield per carcase to satisfy the food demand. In many cases, animals are inside a building all year round which will create stable conditions of temperature food and water. Livestock will become stressed if the heat or humidity levels are too high and as a result, they will start to lose weight resulting in a drop in quality and yield per animal.

Another issue when temperature and humidity is not controlled is disease, it can spread through buildings very quickly as high temperature and humidity are perfect for spreading bacteria.


Desiccant Dryair are able to offer the correct solution depending on the ambient conditions, world location and the required conditions.  This can include desiccant dehumidifiers from either our standard or bespoke range, evaporative cooling and humidification or desiccant cooling. We can deliver around the world the best solution for the farmer.