Many companies around the world use climatic chambers that will really test the durability of goods from household equipment to cars, to soldier’s performance.

As manufacturers export to all corners of the world, these goods have to stand a varied ambient range of conditions. These can be from the arctic sub-zero to the tropics where humidity can achieve 98% at temperatures in excess of 50.0°C.


Problems often occur in the transition from one desired condition to another. We need to ensure at all times that condensation will not form and cause damage to monitoring equipment inside. These chambers are specially designed in order to go from very low temperatures to very high, very humid conditions.


Desiccant Dryair supply a wide range of special machines that are designed to achieve very wide conditions in facilities of varied size.  We have supplied chambers from 40 to 3000 m³ and in climates from the UK to Singapore, Sweden to South Africa. Machines from a 5000 m³/hr to 120 000m³/hr. We are truly versatile when designing and building such systems.

Our real selling point is the level of control we can achieve. One specific chamber for the UK Military testing capabilities, for instance required that the dehumidifier air handler had to achieve any condition between -20.0°C to 65.0°C at 95% RH within 20 minutes and had to be +/- 1%RH and 1.0°C. We can offer systems as low as -55.0°C.

The LTHCU are based on this type of system used on cyclic chambers, they are in our standard range of units,