At Desiccant Dryair we manufacture a range of special units that have the added advantage of the efficiency gained with the reciprocating compressor heat pump. There are two different combinations that are available - both including a desiccant wheel but using the evaporator as a pre or post cooling coil depending on customer requirements. The condenser coils is the regeneration heater in the opposing airflow.

Dehumidifier with pre cooling

This dehumidifier has the benefits of a mechanical dehumidifier in the form of a pre cooling coil that will reduce the temperature of the air to saturated, removing water from the air and then passing through the desiccant wheel to reduce the moisture content even further.

Fresh air is very expensive to condition and deliver into a space. The dehumidifier with heat pump technology is perfect for this application.  The introduction of the heat pump with a Copeland or Bitzer compressor can deliver a high EEER or COP.

Dehumidifier with post cooling

This unit very similar in design to the above, but the evaporator coil becomes a post cooling coil after the desiccant wheel.  The air temperature will always increase as air passes through the wheel. This is the absorption process and the higher the moisture removal the greater the temperature increases.

This dehumidifier is ideal where a recirculation unit is preferred and there is an element of temperature control required. The cooling system is fully modulating meaning that the temperature and humidity can be controlled very accurately. The dehumidifiers are ideally suited for the conditioning of food processing halls, hotels, stadiums, agriculture and many other applications.

Desiccant Dryair manufacture the dehumidifiers to the same high standard as all others in the portfolio. The dehumidifier heat pump is manufactured in stainless steel for hygienic and long lasting fully protecting the customer’s capital investment. They are fully insulated for controlled temperature applications and with a high level of control.

The Dryair HP dehumidifiers rely on a high level of control engineering. Our in house PLC software engineers control everything from the fan speeds, wheel rotation speed, all safety aspects to the thermostatic expansion valve maintaining our system efficiency. This means that every component can be seen when connected remotely, diagnostics for faults not relying on external controllers is accurate and easy for us to perform.  Most instances we can direct a company’s own engineering staff to the fault rather than dispatching our own service engineers.