Desiccant dehumidifiers – Special machines

Our unique company selling point is the fact that wherever possible we will design and build a bespoke desiccant dehumidifier to achieve very difficult or near impossible conditions that other manufacturers will not attempt.

We have vast experience in achieving extreme conditions and close humidity control in such conditions.

Over 90% of the dehumidifiers we manufacture are bespoke units sold globally.

They are manufactured to the same high standard as in our standard range of dehumidifiers, but using different construction techniques dependant on the location, temperature and relative humidity required of the dehumidifier. 

Our bespoke desiccant dehumidifier can be adapted as follows:

  1. Low temperature down to -50°C
  2. Dew point as low as -60ºC dp
  3. Frost coils, pre coolers, pre heaters, post heaters, post coolers, humidifiers and after filters available combinations
  4. Filters ranging from G4 to H14
  5. Cooling can be integral as a packaged unit with close control of the off condition
  6. PLC using customers preferred manufacturer
  7. Control panel components using customer preferred manufacturer
  8. Variable speed drives using customer preferred manufacturer
  9. ATEX certain zones
  10. Any physical size from 75 m³/hr upwards
  11. Manufactured in stainless steel 304 as standard with other grades available

Areas of desiccant dehumidifier use:

  1. Climatic chambers from -20 ºC to 60 ºC 10 to 98% relative humidity controllable above 0.0 ºC
  2. Chemical production, Ammonium Nitrate, Chromic Acid and many more
  3. Pharmaceutical manufacture
  4. Medical testing equipment manufacture
  5. Nuclear industries both civil and defence
  6. Confectionary and food manufacture
  7. Offshore oil and gas exploration
  8. Deep sea exploration and excavation
  9. Agriculture, drying and seed storage
  10. Freezer storage

We have named just a few of the industries that we supply.  Our dehumidifiers always meet the challenge  they are designed for!