At Desiccant DryAir our attitude is solutions not compromise, every VRF special is created to work within the customer’s unique circumstances to overcome their particular HVAC problems. Where other manufacturers can only offer a production line solution that may cost more in production and running costs, we will create you a machine designed specifically for your needs.

This can include innovative design to overcome issues such as;

  • space restrictions
  • power & economical issues
  • ambient heat & air quality problems
  • environmental, green & carbon footprint concerns
  • environment sterility and many more.

Our skills and knowledge in manufacturing these machines is unsurpassed, using 3D CAD design at every stage of development we can track and change each nut and bolt, each rivet, every bend and fold to ensure a finished product of superior quality.

The VRF(S) range are the embodiment of many years experience in;

  • AutoCAD 3 dimensional product design
  • Stainless steel fabrication, folding, cutting and welding
  • The latest refrigeration technology
  • High pressure steam and gas implementation
  • State of the art electronic control & monitoring
  • Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Ducting, filtration and airflow systems

We are rightly proud of our product and some would say, smugly so. But so would you, in our shoes. But don’t just take our word for it - ask around, there are many satisfied businesses around the globe that are benefitting from our VRF(s) technology in their every day production process. Just call us for a chat about your dehumidification needs and we will prove to you why we are one the premier manufacturers of bespoke desiccant technology in the world today.