This VRF special was originally designed for a British customer providing HVAC solutions to car manufacturers.  Because we were so pleased with this latest design LTHCU (Low Temperature Humidity Control Unit), and the client has orders for three more, we are adding it to our dehumidifier range as standard VRF special AHU. The unit is designed to operate at temperatures as low as -40 degrees and as high as +60 degrees, also controlling humidity from 0% RH up to 100% saturation. We are only one of a few stainless steel AHU manufacturers in the world capable of creating, handling and controlling these conditions.

The unit is formed in two sections sat on top of one another. The top section containing the air filters, dehumidification section, post cooling / post heating, humidification and desiccant rotor bypass. The lower section contains the refrigeration circuit comprising compressor, accumulator, condensing coil, condensing fan, humidifier boiler and all the controls necessary to achieve the desired off conditions. Any voltage variations can be accommodated for. The unit is completely mobile being mounted on castors and can be applied into many areas of industry such as; pharmaceutical, engine test bays, materials testing and any close control climatic simulation facility. 

Our latest Low Temperature Humidity Control Unit

We have recently redesigned this special machine to include phenolic insulation to cope with the new lower extreme temperature and several other new additions to improve performance and reliability.