confectionary 1Chocolate and sweet manufacturers of all types have the need to use complete climate control to ensure a high standard, quality product.


High humidity and temperature cause issues in both the manufacturing process and packing process.

In manufacturing, the production of chocolate and sweets in high humidity environments, blooms chocolate making it white in colour and sweets are sticky and cause issues in the packing process.

Another area that we have been very successful in supplying is the coating process. This is where peanuts, brazil nuts and raisins are coated in chocolate. If the humidity is not controlled during this process again the chocolate will turn white in colour, this is blooming. The shiney polished look on chocolates such as listed above are by delivering exact conditions at a constant level while the lacquer is applied in thin coats.

confectionary 2Solution

These units are our bespoke dehumidifiers from our Dryair (S) range of units, the units are normally total loss meaning that they only pass the air through once, no recirculation. Because of this they normally include the following components: frost coils, pre filters, main filters, desiccant wheels, post coolers and after filters. The conditions off the dehumidifiers are very constant with temperatures of 5 – 12.0°C with humidity of around 25% maximum.

We have supplied such units to major confectionary manufacturers in the UK, Europe and around the world.

Packing halls are where most confectionary is packed ready to despatch to clients. To maintain this high quality the packing halls are climate controlled, again using our bespoke units though the conditions off the unit are not as critical as in the manufacturing process and the dehumidifiers are normally recirculation.

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