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Dehumidifiers manufacturer

Based in the North West of England, Desiccant DryAir Systems  Ltd has built an enviable track record of manufacturing machines through an in-depth knowledge of the Science of Dry Air.

Air quality can be an essential, and at times critical part of a production process.

We manufacture a range of both standard and bespoke machines covering all areas of humidity control:

  • DryAir Desiccant Dehumidifiers and Desiccant Air Handling Units,
  • Desiccant cooling machines (two wheel units),
  • Fresh Air Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV),
  • HumidAir Evaporative (Adiabatic) Humidification and Cooling.

Each project is, to some degree, different, and each project is approached by our Engineering Team with a high level of technical knowledge. This knowledge combined with many years of experience and manufacturing skills go towards meeting the project specifications and requirements.

Working closely with our clients, machine specifications are jointly developed to ensure that the operating specifications of the project are achieved:

  • Maximising the quality and performance standards of the production process,
  • Increasing productivity and reducing manufacturing costs,
  • Producing a controlled working environment.

For further information call us with your project requirements.

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Desiccant DryAir Systems Ltd.

6 Langdale Business Park
Whitegate White Lund Industrial Estate
United Kingdom

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Phone: (+44) 01524 581500
Alternative phone: (+44) 01524 581450
Mail: info@desiccantdryair.com

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