Many companies around the world use corrosion chambers to simulate years of wear and tear that normal goods and components would endure over a life time. This simulation is carried out over a few weeks in a cyclic chamber continually changing conditions.

Companies that would use this facility are unlimited, anything and everything will be placed in this process for the manufacturer to be confident in offering the manufacturer warranties.


Cyclic corrosion chambers use a combination of wetting, salt spraying, heating, humidifying, dehumidifying and very low temperatures.  Depending on the standard will depend on the order and timespan that the above conditions will operate. The problem is in achieving the desired conditions in the timespan from one to the next. If this is not achieved, the test will fail.


Desiccant Dryair supply a wide range of standard dehumidifiers fully modulating starting with the very smallest. We also offer the LTHCU (low temperature humidity control unit) dehumidifier / air handling system. The LTHCU are fully packaged drying, humidifying, cooling and heating units with full controls engineering applied in the form of a PLC. They will allow each function to operate in conjunction with the chamber requirements. The units are designed with full cascading refrigeration pack that as standard can go as low -20.0°C, -40.0°C or even lower if required to an incredible -55.0°C. The desiccant wheel will at all times maintain a dew point lower than the off temperature to ensure the evaporator does not freeze.