detergents 1Major manufacturers are now using pouches containing either a powder or a liquid detergent. This has many advantages - easy to use and safer, allowing no consumer contact with the product.

Detergent manufacture problems

The main problem with the manufacture of such product is the dissolvable films used to hold the cleaning material. The films are designed to dissolve when in contact with water in either the washing machine or dishwasher.  They are incredibly hygroscopic and as such have to be stored with controlled humidity to a very low condition of less than 12%.

During manufacture both the controlling of the humidity and temperature is vital.  The films are sealed using a heat treatment but if the moisture content of the film is too high the seal fails.

Less than 20% relative humidity and 18.0ºC is essential for good product.

detergents 2Dehumidifiers for detergent manufacturers

Desiccant Dryair have worked continually over the past 15 years with Europe’s largest independent manufacturer of detergents. The bespoke dehumidifiers we have supplied have been of various size from our smallest to our largest ranges. All have been specially designed to meet the demand and conditions required by their process. The dehumidifier controls humidity and temperature to a very tight tolerance constantly.