Countries all around the world use deep freezer stores for the preservation of food stuffs. This is a tried and tested method. However they are expensive to run especially in hot humid countries.


There are many problems with maintaining a freezer store. They are normally anything from -20 to -30°C operating temperature and the problems are as follows:

  1. Moisture ingress causes evaporator coils to freeze up making them inefficient and this means more frequent defrost cycles are required to maintain efficiency. These are expensive as there is no cooling taking place while the defrost cycle is on.
  2. Moisture ingress creates ice build-up on floors making them a dangerous place to work on health and safety grounds.
  3. Moisture ingress creates ice build-up on food packaging.
  4. Moisture ingress causes fogging. This makes it impossible to see as visibility is virtually zero due to moisture vapour frozen, suspended in the air.


Desiccant Dryair install the dehumidifier in the adjoining loading bay to the freezer store. It is not feasible to try and install a dehumidifier directly into the freezer store due to the sub-zero temperature and components freezing.

By installing and drying the airlock / loading bay when the freezer doors are opened the dry air enters the freezer and eliminates the following:

  1. Coils will form ice less frequently meaning less expensive defrost cycles.
  2. Ice formation on floors is eliminated making a safe working environment.
  3. Less damage to packaging.
  4. No fogging as dry air is present, no freezing of moisture suspended in the air.

We install standard dehumidifiers and bespoke dehumidifiers. The bespoke option reduces loads on the evaporators.