pharmaceutical 1No standards are higher to achieve than in the Pharmaceutical Industry. This is where medicines and vaccines are manufactured to the highest standard from start to finish. This also goes for the climate in which they are manufactured.

Pharmaceutical Industry Problems

High humidity and temperature cause issues in both the manufacturing process and packing process.

In manufacturing, it is vital to control humidity and temperature as many infections like bacteria and bugs survive in humidity levels that are above 50% RH. As the level of humidity in the air reduces, so does the number of bacteria and bugs. Many areas within the pharmaceutical industries achieve a desired relative humidity of 25%, this gives maximum control over the bacteria but still maintaining a level of humidity that is comfortable for staff working in the area.

Packing is normally carried out directly off the production line which means that the medicines and vaccines are packed in the same conditions they are manufactured in.

pharmaceutical 2Dehumidifiers in Pharmaceutical Industry

Desiccant Dryair offer bespoke dehumidifiers from our Dryair (S) range.  The units are normally recirculation but can contain a combination of any of the following to achieve the desired of conditions:  Pre filters, main filters, desiccant wheels, post coolers and after filters. The conditions off the dehumidifiers are very stable and constant with temperatures of 5 – 18.0°C with humidity of normally less than 25% RH.

We have supplied such units to major pharmaceutical manufacturers in the UK, Europe and around the world.