Desiccant DryAir has highly skilled engineers that produce best quality precision components turned/milled in any material by CNC machinery

With 20 years of experience and constant investment in the technology we deliver high quality service at a competitive price.

Our range of specialist service:

Precision components technologies

We are using latest manufacturing technologies to deliver best level of service and precision quality. We give a guarantee to create Precision Components with high level of customer care to your tolerances and specification.

Precision Components experience

Our team of experts have been working for many years in the Aerospace, Nuclear and Motorsport Industries.

  • Aerospace

Precision Components in Aerospace

Desiccant DryAir is manufacturing high level components for the Aerospace industry. We are capable of producing precision components to diameters between 1mm and 250mm with the desired tolerance.

  • Nuclear
  • Motorsport/F1
  • MoD
  • Oil & Gas
  • Medical/pharmaceutical