At Desiccant Dryair we manufacture a range of special units that come into the standard range of product. This is to say that the parameters of the dehumidifier air handler are special in the fact it has dehumidification, humidification, heating and cooling facilities all within a single cabinet.  It is standardised in form of cooling and dehumidification capabilities and other functions and not designed specifically for the customer.

The LTHCU dehumidifier has the following capabilities:

Airflow rates 500, 750,1500 and 2500 m³/hr.
Maximum ambient conditions 30.0°C @ 23.0 g/kg.
Temperature range off version A -20.0°C to 60.0°C based on max ambient on.
Temperature range off version B -35.0°C to 60.0°C based on max ambient on.
Temperature range off version C -50.0°C to 60.0°C based on max ambient on.
Humidity range off 10% RH @ 5.0°C to 98%RH @ 40°C.

The LTHCU desiccant air handling system is designed for small climatic facilities that require very good control and depending on the option chosen incredibly low temperatures off.

The controls engineering that has been applied to this dehumidifier air handler is extremely complex but this enables the unit to hold very close control of temperature and humidity control. The control is offered with a PLC complete with touch panel human machine interface.

The control system allows for full remote access and integration into existing BMS systems.

Options A,B and C

All components that are required to operate such a complicated dehumidifier are within the package.  This includes a desiccant dehumidifier that is fully modulating and a fully modulating direct expansion refrigeration system that allows the system to reduce cooling demand on request from the customer.  An integral re humidification system that can raise the humidity in a split second and heating systems including thyristor control modules for fully modulation control.

The refrigeration circuit runs on a low temperature refrigerant that can evaporate as low as -45.0°C offering temperatures as low as -35.0°C.  Temperatures off can be  – 40.0°C depending on the ambient on condition.

Option C

Same system as above with reciprocating compressor but in series is a secondary direct expansion refrigeration system with a suitable refrigerant to achieve extremely low off temperatures detailed above. There is an additional evaporation coil placed in series in the process airflow to increase the cooling capabilities.

The LTHCU is manufactured to the highest specification in 304L stainless steel as standard.  We can offer 316 as an optional extra. Similar in construction to the MTHCU but with increased insulation depth to prevent losses through the carcase. All components within the dehumidifier air handler are fully insulated to stop freezing at low temperatures and are of the highest standards for reliability.

We have sold many of these units around the world to various companies for climate and cyclic corrosion testing of components prior to use.  The industries this dehumidifier typically serves are the Motor industry, pharmaceutical, agriculture, food, clean rooms, electronics manufacture and repair to name just a few.

They are incredibly reliable, accurate and have proven to be an asset to the companies that have bought them.

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