Singapore Army Case Study

The Supply and Transport Group of the Singapore Army are responsible for the provision of supply and transport to all sections of the army. Vehicles include Main Battle Tanks and Armoured Personnel Carriers.

In addition to normal routine maintenance, it is essential that vehicles are thoroughly maintained to allow them to be kept in a high state of readiness.

When large heavy duty vehicles are stored for indefinite periods of time, the control of humidity and the condition of the batteries is vital to ensure a high state of readiness.

To keep heavy duty batteries continually in a constant state of readiness is both difficult and time consuming.

The Singapore Army approached Desiccant with the aim of developing a system which would solve the humidity problem and automate the battery maintenance.

The vehicles were to be stored in a Controlled Humidity Environment using DryAir 1500; DryAir 2500 and multiples of DryAir 500. This had the effect of reducing maintenance and labour costs and increasing the state of readiness. The batteries were to be maintained by Desiccants unique Fully Intelligent 4 Stage Battery Conditioning System (BCS). This system can determine the state of a battery at any given time, is capable of connecting 255 charging systems to the one panel and has total remote access. It has autovoltage detection and faults can be transmitted via Email or SMS. It also has a dead battery recovery capability.

This system has significantly reduced maintenance and labour costs as well as an increased state of readiness.

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