Hotels in very hot humid areas

How We Can Help The Hotels Industry?

Hotel rooms

Many hotels have a system that each room has a combination of individual cooling / heating in every room so that individuals can select specific conditions that allow personalised conditions for a comfortable environment. This is admirable in many instances but in areas where the ambient conditions are very high like Singapore, this causes rapid deterioration of decor within the individual rooms.

Fan coil units dispense very cool air into the room in a recirculation system with very limited fresh air, if any. Quite often the moisture content within the room is much less that the corridor or surrounding areas. When the doors are opened, the warmed moist air rushes into the cold area and condensates on the walls. This particular chain of hotels where redecorating their rooms every 12 – 18 months instead of the recommended 5 years.

Hotel main area.

Dryair desiccant dehumidifiers have been installed in many hot, humid countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Middle East to reduce the latent load on existing air handlers increasing the amount of sensible cooling available.

Hotel dehumidifier – solution

We installed a Dryair 75 VRF desiccant dehumidifier in every room, a total of 345 standard units were installed in series with the fan coil units to reduce the latent load. This prevents the musty smell in the rooms by lowering the relative humidity to 70%. The small standard desiccant dehumidifier was fully automatic and power to the regeneration heater was proportional depending on the relative humidity.

After the initial trials over a 1 year period, there were financial savings of 23% on running costs as the desiccant dehumidifiers made the overall system more efficient.

We supplied and commissioned standard Dryair units of various sizes from 6000 to 15000m3/hr onto existing air handlers. This was to alleviate the existing plant of the latent load on the cooling coils and increasing the sensible cooling.  We have installed these on many existing air handlers globally with associated savings of up to 40% in some areas on previous running costs.

We have in some areas of new build installations initiated full desiccant cooling. This is a twin wheeled machine using a desiccant wheel, sensible wheel, adiabatic cooling and low temperature regeneration. These units are designed depending on the required climatic conditions and the desired room conditions.  Ideal for installations that need large volumes of low cost conditioned air. There are many different combinations available and we have supplied them to many countries globally.

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Hotels in temperate conditions

Hotels in areas of temperate climate, have very different requirements to the above. They still require comfort cooling during the warmer months but they require heating and humidification during the colder months to achieve a comfortable environment.


Supply dry conditioned air at low cost to provide the required climate conditions.

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Dryair 4000, 6000 and 8000 VRF units in stainless steel. Desiccant cooling and Freshair range or twin wheeled units, various sizes and combination.

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