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Desiccant dehumidifiers

We have over 20 years of experience of building and manufacture of industrial dehumidifiers. In all of the industries they control dew point and relative humidity. Our desiccant dehumidifiers are of the highest quality to be found anywhere in the world. We are constantly improving unit design and efficiencies by continual improvement of  component selection.  We export over 95% of the units we manufacture  to distributors or End Users globally.

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Our dehumidifiers are manufactured to the highest standard and designed to run with minimal down time.

Desiccant DryAir is producing industrial dehumidifiers that can remove air moisture when standard air conditioners cannot. What is more, an air conditioner raises the percent relative humidity by lowering the room temperature. They are manufactured in stainless steel as standard though the units can be powder coated to suit a specific RAL code if required.

Desiccant Dryair provides solutions to air quality, for companies where dehumidification is an essential, and often critical part of everyday production processes.

Our dehumidifiers can maintain relative humidity as low as 1% (VRF(S) series only) at a constant level, regardless of the ambient conditions, and are employed in all industrial and commercial applications.

Our dehumidifiers are chemical based rather than the standard refrigerant units bought in hardware establishments. The chemical used is silica gel and so does not pose any health threats to people.

Dehumidifiers manufacture in Warrington

We are a British full time manufacturer of these units that range from 75 m³/hr air flow to 100 000m³/Hr dried air in the standard range.  Larger units can be manufactured but would be purely upon request.

All units are designed and built from a serviceability point of view starting with the system layout. This has many advantages over our competitors detailed below.

  1. Designed for ease of maintenance with components able to be withdrawn from the dehumidifier to service rather than the engineer having to squeeze access to the component.
  2. Designed to give maximum serviceability, we use only recognised components available at all major stockists worldwide, and using these particular components, keeps failure to a minimum.
  3. Manufactured as standard in 304 stainless steel, 316 and other grades are available if required.
  4. High efficiency silica gel desiccant wheel, we only insert the world’s best manufactured desiccant wheels.
  5. All units from the Dryair 500 have PLC control for efficiency and controllability, allowing remote access and data logging. Smaller units have a dedicated circuit board with Ethernet mounted on board.
  6. High efficiency backwards curved aerofoil technology impellors used where possible, and are dynamically balanced on the shaft.  All casings are manufactured in stainless steel at the same time as the unit manufacture.
  7. Choice of Electric, Gas or Steam regeneration, all types are fully modulating to ensure minimal energy usage at all times.
  8. Small foot print for the airflow rating. This allows easy integration into plant rooms where space is a premium.

Dehumidifiers – features of our ‘DryAir’:

  1. Lower footprint/weight per cmh.
  2. Capacities from 75 m3/Hr to 100 000 m3/Hr as standard.
  3. A unique triple point control on all machines over 750 m3/Hr, measuring the regeneration temperature onto the wheel, the wheel off temperature (wet air) and the RH or Dew point of the air being dried.
  4. This combination ensures the amount of energy input is relevant to the moisture being extracted.
  5. Numerous options available, pre-heaters and coolers, post heaters and coolers, humidifiers and many other variations.
  6. Filters up to F8 as standard with HEPPA & ULPA available.
  7. Highly efficient Silica Gel Rotor for efficiency & durability, high moisture removal efficiency with the lowest energy costs.
  8. PTC electric heaters for regeneration.


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