ATEX approved desiccant dehumidifiers

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Atex approved units

We can manufacture a wide range of Atex approved units. Each unit must be built specifically to suit the environment it is intended for use in or suitable for a range of conditions within the set scope laid out in technical specifications. Any modifications or variations outside of these conditions would not be covered by the approval and render it void. 

The zone for which our units is best suited and approval achievable is as follows:

Zone 22 with a temperature rating of T6 – T3.

Definition – A place in which an explosive atmosphere is not likely to occur in normal operation, but if it does occur only in short periods.

This unit would be built with a controls enclosure sealed from the air-stream and purged with an inert gas. In addition the cabinet would be fitted with purge failure devices and repurging pumps.

All fans within the units will be non sparking units constructed from non ferrous material, all motors will be Atex approved. The interconnecting cables and glands will all be suitable for the relevant zone intended for operation.

Any sensors within the area will need be Atex approved and signals supplied via galvanic separators/isolators. All interconnecting cables and glands will need to be flameproof and suitable for use within the zone.

Regeneration sources could be either Mineral element, MTHW or Steam all with mechanical surface temperature regulation to prevent over temperature within the desired zone. All external damper and water actuators will be Atex approved units wired via galvanic separators/isolators with flameproof cables and suitable glands.

We could possibly achieve a higher degree of Atex approval but the units would be specifically designed to fit within the area to be conditioned and would have a much lower moisture removal due to lower regeneration temperatures.


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