Desiccant DryAir is a worldwide pioneer in creating and assembling efficient & productive Humidification and Cooling systems.

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Commercial & Industrial Humidification

Desiccant Dryair is a UK based manufacturer of commercial and industrial humidification and evaporative/desiccant cooling products and systems. We can provide a variety of different systems including Steam, Ultrasonic, Atomising and Evaporative/Adiabatic.

All our systems are designed to provide the best performance with minimum maintenance in  many industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food production, hospitals, cinemas, electronics, aerospace & military..

Humidification system

We can offer all aspects of the humidification system including design, manufacture, supply & installation, commissioning & routine maintenance. We carry a large stock of spares and offer full scheduled service through to emergency call out.

Correct humidity levels form a vital role in many aspects of our daily lives. From simple health and comfort to providing high efficiency within multiple manufacturing processes. Storage of important media, documentation and artwork as well as preventing the build-up of static electricity and sick building syndrome.

We specialise in bespoke units made to suit individual size and condition requirements. Our systems start with the simplest on/off control right through to the most complicated PLC based system with BMS integration and SCADA data logging.

All our Adiabatic / Evaporative units are constructed from stainless steel and utilise the latest in wetted media for the optimum efficiency and performance. All solenoid and drain valves are WRAS approved and can use many different water types.

Humidification has a major influence on environmental and psychological factors. Depending on the humidity level, it can cause an unpleasant atmosphere, production problems, costs increase or materials damage. These conditions appear specifically in banks, offices, schools, museums and other places that store, manufacture or handle hygroscopic materials like textile fibres, leather, paper, woods or chemicals.

Humidification conditions

Especially low humidity is present in hot, dry desert climates or buildings which are artificially heated. During winter, in January-February, the humidity might be lowered to 10-20% due to heating cold outside air. It might cause some health problems or affect wooden furniture. Books, papers, and artworks may shrink or warp and become brittle in very low humidity. In explosive industries, low humidity and resultant static electricity can be particularly dangerous.


Desiccant DryAir can provide solutions for cost-effective controlled humidity.We design and manufacture a wide range of humidification products for our customers around the world. We use selection software to specify size and type of industrial and commercial humidifiers.


Humidification is a process of adding water to air. If the humidity get’s too high or too low, it’s causing discomfort and  damage to materials and stored equipment.

Using specialised humidification equipment can allow control of humidity in a  trouble-free and effective way.

Our inventive machines can control the perfect climate condition in:

  • commercial buildings: hotels, airports, prisons, movie theatres, drying rooms, schools
  • military: storage, vehicle protection
  • storage preservation: libraries, archives.

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