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Desiccant DryAir offers programming services of the Unitronics PLC and more, taking into consideration all the requirements of the client and designing the software to the specific needs. We offer both the creation of  new bespoke  programmes as well as upgrading any existing.

Taking into account the client’s guidelines we create the electrical project considering the specific PLC controller. We design and manufacture operating consoles for machines and industrial devices. The cabinets and installations are manufactured according to specific customer requirements. We have extensive experience of temperature and humidity control and in the manufacture of Desiccant dehumidifiers.

PLC Solutions:

  • PLC, SCADA, HMI Systems Implementation,
  • Implementation of industrial control systems,
  • Building management systems,
  • Modification and modernisation of machines and control systems,
  • Service and maintenance.

PLC specialisation:

  • Climate control systems (eg. greenhouses, mushroom farms);
  • Temperature monitoring systems;
  • Control systems, dryers, elevators
  • Program the controllers for the purpose of wastewater treatment, sewage pumping stations;
  • Intelligent building control (air conditioning, ventilation, heating).


Data from manufacturing processes is often used to make decisions in real time. Monitoring any changes in processes and performance accumulates over time and it is therefore important to capture  this data on the database servers and analyse them at a later date. We are able to create server applications which will read information from the PLC and accumulate it in MYSQL database. Overview of our control system can be shown on the interactive websites, so it is possible to use it as the human machine interface (HMI), providing much broader access to machine controls and monitoring. In addition to this the database can be utilised  for reporting and business intelligence applications.


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